My name is Daniel and I am currently 2(August 6,2007) years old. I live in Northern California in a wonderful old 2 story English Tudor Revival home with my 2 Dads, Dan, who I call Papa and am named after and Julio who I call Daddy. I have a great pet name Cocco who is a red hair Chow Chow that I love. I also have several stuffed animal companions, however, 2 that I always love to take with me on outside adventures. George, the monkey and Sheep. I hope you will join me during my travels and journey through life

Chapter 5-A Visit To The Streets Of Montmartre & Napoleon's Tomb

Bonjour à tous! Sorry for the delayed posting. We were too busy trying to make up for the sick days and left no time or energy at the end of the day to post. I am so happy that George was allowed to join me in today's tour.
We're having breakfast at the Le Royal cafe, pictured above, which is just around the corner from our apartment on the Rue du Grenelle. In fact, we've had several breakfasts here on the mornings Papa didn't feel like cooking.
Here we are on the subway to Montmartre. We will spend the morning exploring the streets of Montmartre followed by an afternoon at the military museum at Invalides and end the day Napoleon's tomb. This will leave us a few blocks from our apartment.

Papa says he read somewhere that the metro art nouveaux structure of this subway entrance is 1 of the only 2 originals that still exists in the entire city of Paris. The strange thing was Daddy kept spotting other similar structures throughout the city and kept asking Papa to explain yet why there seems to be more than 2? Daddy and I became worried about Papa's source for history on Paris.
I know we are not going to climb those stairs.
George was nice enough to pose for this shot in my place in front of the funicular that takes you up to the Sacre Coeur Basilica.

Looking down from the funicular is pretty awesome.

The famous Sacre Coeur Basilica. George is speechless.

Wow, what a view of the city of Pear-wis

Papa, thank you for bringing me up here to see this.

I made Papa and Daddy watch this for 10 minutes with me. It was so fascinating watching the machine dig. I was a little sad they were digging up centuries old stones, but my parents think they will reused the stones which is why they are trying to be a little more careful not to crush them.
This is one of my parents favorite restaurants in the Montmare district. Aside from the wonderful menu, it has live music every night featuring Edith Piaf's classics including their personal favorite, Non je ne regrette rien

The restaurant has an excellent reputation and was even suggested to my parents by the Four Season's Concierge.
I saw apple juice in this truck and asked for some but the driver just laughed and said something to me in French. I took it as a "no".

As we strolled down this street, a delicious smell was coming from the little green store to my left.

I just had to take a look and see what that wonderful smell was all about.

It turned out to be yet another bakery with lots of fresh goodies.

Papa and I went inside to look. I immediately spotted what I wanted.
uh oh..whew, nevermind, false alarm. Daddy was worried by the look on my face that I was due for a diaper change.

It was a delicious cookie filled with a chocolate hazelnut spread calledNutella.

It was yummy!

These are some neat postcards Daddy purchased at a nearby souvenir shop that he promised to have framed for my bedroom as another memorabilia to my trip to the Montmartre.

We're back on the underground leaving Montmartre.

I am so ready for my afternoon nap.
Here we are at Napoleon's tomb. Papa's trying to get me to turn around and pose for Daddy but I'm too excited and want to hurry and get inside.
George had my back and stood in for me for Daddy.

wow, he was a very special soldier to the people of France.

From Napoleon's tomb we marched over to the military museum next door.
This was the only room I was impressed with...a room full of miniature toy soldiers.

My parents weren't that impressed with this museum because it was only filled with weaponry, some costumes and paintings. There was no English interpretation literature available to us that afternoon which made it difficult for us to follow the exhibits.
Papa said this man looks like me on the subway earlier today after we came down from Montmartre.
Well, that's it for today's events. Thank you for taking an interest in my adventure and for following me. jusqu'à demain soir bonne!!!

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