My name is Daniel and I am currently 2(August 6,2007) years old. I live in Northern California in a wonderful old 2 story English Tudor Revival home with my 2 Dads, Dan, who I call Papa and am named after and Julio who I call Daddy. I have a great pet name Cocco who is a red hair Chow Chow that I love. I also have several stuffed animal companions, however, 2 that I always love to take with me on outside adventures. George, the monkey and Sheep. I hope you will join me during my travels and journey through life

The Little American Salutes The Navy

Last week Daddy and I stopped into Old Navy to purchase a new pair of swim trunks for me. We were impressed with the store's summer collection. Of course, Daddy couldn't resist this shopping opportunity.

He thought I looked like a boy super model in this brown linen shirt with white stitching so I gave him my Zoolander pose.
However, we disagreed about the hat. It was a too much for my taste, but to please Daddy, I donned
the itchy bonnet for photos.

I do love the coordinating faux leatherl sandals but am a bit toe-shy. But, I wore them to rave reviews and several parents asked where I purchased them; the accolades made me appreciate them even more. My new seer sucker slacks with brown pin stripes are extremely comfortable and are the perfect trousers to complete my summer resort look.

Ahhh, much better without the hat. Here I am taking a five minute thumb sucking break after the photo shoot. Daddy can be stressful to work with at times.

I wonder if Daddy remembered he put me in pull ups for this photo shoot?

Here I am in the same style linen shirt in light blue.

I hope you enjoyed my domestic fashion show. I may not be in Paris...but with Old Navy, I'm feeling fashionably stylish at home in America.

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